Chris & Steanza – One Epic Wedding

Once in a while I shoot a wedding that is a really wonderful experience to be a part of. This was it.

Firstly the venue chosen was legends golf and safari resort in the waterberg, and secondly it was on the winter solstice and thirdly we would be going to the top of the mountain in a helicopter! Legends resort is really pretty and with the dry grass and winter sun, the light was going to be epic, never mind the shots on the top of the mountain!

The wedding couple were Chris and Steanza, the two most wonderful people to know and work with. Everything was so well organised and Chris and Steanza were so relaxed that it made the job easy. Although its never good to get complacent, because as the ceremony ended we were bundled into the chopper and whisked away to the top of the epic mountain that is on the legends resort, and when then happened I had some serious work to do to get the right shots and work with the light. We also only had 40 mins up on the mountain so I had to work really fast. The light was a little harsh, not unexpected though and I needed to use some fill in lighting to get some light back into the shadows, but the shots came out right and captured the epic setting that was the order of the day.

Mcready Wedding-35lr

Mcready Wedding-196lr

Mcready Wedding-294lr

Mcready Wedding-50lr

Mcready Wedding-100lr

Mcready Wedding-66lr

Mcready Wedding-483lr

Mcready Wedding-594lr

Mcready Wedding-730lr

The epicness.

Mcready Wedding-733lr

Mcready Wedding-744lr

Mcready Wedding-907lr


Mcready Wedding-936lr

Mcready Wedding-875lr

Mcready Wedding-802lr

Mcready Wedding-788lr

Mcready Wedding-777lr

Mcready Wedding-1854lr

Mcready Wedding



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