Chantelle & Kevin

I get asked to photograph some really cool weddings sometimes. When I met Kevin and Chantelle for the first time I knew that this was going to be one of those.

I was asked to keep it relaxed, the day would begin early though but nothing too formal. The shoot itself was going to be challenging, as always, I would have to go between the home of the groom and the home of the bride to do the establishing photographs of them getting ready separately throughout the day. Which is always hot and sweaty work in the beginning of Joburg’s summer! The reception would be at the Living room in Maboneng, great venue for a party.

And what a party this wedding was. WHAT A PARTY!

They brought out all sorts of props for the guests to wear, hats, glasses, ribbons, popping glitter, umbrellas and so much more. It really kicked off the party of what was an awesome wedding day!

A great idea for any wedding!


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