Abraham Kriel Charity Work

We had an opportunity to help a team that was participating in the put foot rally┬áraising funds for a little known children’s home called Abraham Kriel.

The team were getting to know who they were sponsoring and wanted the kids to help decorate the overalls that the team was going to wear. So one saturday morning they got together and let the kids put hand prints all over the overalls, which worked out really well.

I then had to shoot the team and the car that they would be travelling in, and the location we found, an underground car park, was the perfect location. With the overalls on and the look of the car it looked like they were just about to break out of prison!

The shot turned out well and made it look like they had just broken out.

Team AK Car AK Hands AK Hands AK Hands AK Hands AK Hands AK Hands AK Hands

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